Originally formed in 1958 as a local conservation club, the Brill Conservation Club expanded it's reach and mission to include shooting and fishing contests and then change it's name to Brill Area Sportsmen's Club in 1960. The club has had a very diverse and colorful history, but throughout it's many years of operation it has kept it's main goal in focus. The club promotes conservation projects in the area and provides recreational opportunities for it's members and the sportsmen around us. Such as:

* Smokey Bear Lake Campground
* Improve trout habitat on the Brill River
* Fish stocking projects
* Lake areation projects
* Upland game bird projects
* Waterfowl projects
* Seedling tree protection
* Deer rifle sight-in day open to the public
* Adopt-A-Highway project
* Barron County 4-H shooting sports projects
* Hunter education classes
* Introduction to shooting sports for women
* Trap shooting leagues
* Scholarships for conservation or wildlife students
* Donation to Washburn county's Eddie Eagle
safety program
* Many other local groups needs
* Sponser Haugen Boy Scout Troop

* Current list of Officers and contact info

Email Address:
Phone Number: 715-234-6613

Email Address:
Phone Number 715-205-1348

Email Address:
phone: 715-418-9438

TREASURER: John Mosansky
Email Address:
Phone Number: 715-859-2821

Brill Area Sportsmen's Club
2501 26th Ave
Rice Lake, WI 54868

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